Prices for 2022

About every three years I look at my price structure. With so much uncertainty, prices for therapies will remain as they are with a possible review in September 2022.

Individual Yoga lessons will increase so they are in line with therapies from 1 April

Venue fees have increased substantially. For group spaces particularly yoga retreats and I have increased the attendance price to accommodate these.

Hope that all makes sense!

Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle consultations will be available late summer. I will be writing about living with Ayurveda. I am benefitting hugely with just a few small changes. I have more to make but so far the results are:

  • More physical strength and mobility
  • Increased energy
  • Less brain fog

I’m looking forward to developing this part of my practice. Ayurvedic practices have evolved over 5000 years and bring an even stronger foundation to yoga and healing bodywork.

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