Yoga Homework


Thanks for letting me know your favourite and most challenging yoga asana. It’s interesting to read what makes something welcome and what creates challenge. Top marks for the attempts with the Sanskrit names!

There are similar reasons for enjoyment of specific asana:

  • release
  • stretch
  • strength
  • restoration
  • meditation
  • exploration
  • comfort and feeling good
  • liberation
  • counter-posing life

And similar reasons for challenge:

  • frustration
  • restricted movement
  • restricted space
  • lack of breath control
  • discomfort, sometimes pain
  • feeling limited
  • stiffness

Enjoyment facilitates sukha and some challenges lead to duhkha – illustrated by one of my favourite stories: Once a cow was feeling distressed in its shed – not enough space, ceiling too low, too many other cows (duhkha). So the farmer hit upon a plan. He put the cow in a big field (sukha) (from 12 stories for Yoga Teachers by funky guru)

Your reflections on your practice illustrate the importance of yoga

To notice restriction in life and decide whether it is something you can change or something you need to work with to change

To notice and enjoy life when there is release, freedom and restoration

See you next week for a new term of yoga (spaces available)

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