Reiki Fridays

Friday afternoons are working well for reiki groups to meet. It’s a nurturing and enjoyable way to end the week.

  • We have had open online and in-person shares
  • Closed shares for specific student groups to discuss how their practice is or isn’t going
  • We had our first walk in January, exploring Ashton Court on a very changeable winter’s day
  • We have spent an afternoon looking at the practicalities of setting up a therapy space and working with clients.

If you have attended a reiki course (with me or another teacher) you are welcome at the different spaces. If you are new to reiki then the open shares and reiki walks are available and a good place to meet other like minded people before committing to a reiki course.

Coming up on Fridays

  • Study and share: the subtle energy body, 1400 -1700: 11 March
  • Open share: 1400 – 1615: 1 April
  • Ashton Court walk (includes meditation): 1400-1700: 29 April
  • Open share: 1400 – 1615: 20 May
  • Study and share: send me your suggestions: 1400 – 1700: 17 June

Reiki Courses for this year

  • Reiki Level III: 0930 – 1700: 25 & 26 June
    • requires 6 weeks of preparatory home study
  • Reiki Level I: 0930 – 1700: 9 July
    • requires 10 hours of preparatory reading
  • Reiki Level II: 0930 – 1700: 8 October
    • requires 10 hours of preparatory reading
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