Winter and beyond

As we head towards the end of the year, I’ve been realising the need to manage my timetable more carefully. Next year will have more time between events. I have tried to keep this post short by listing relevant page links. Please scan through the whole post … I appreciate you will be getting a lot of similar emails at the moment

I wanted to highlight that there is a Reiki I course on Saturday 15 January. This introductory level course will enable you to practice reiki for yourself, friends and family. You will be introduced to meditative practices to encourage a mindful way of life. There is some pre-course reading so please get in touch before Christmas if you would like to do the course

Gift Certificates

If you’re wondering what to buy someone for Christmas or wondering what to ask for, gift certificates are available for individual appointments, courses of appointments, yoga lessons or a combination of whatever you would like!

Online Yoga

These will be supported by three different spaces:

Group and Individual Reiki:

  • Reiki – main page with links
  • Reiki I & II Courses -January (I), July (I) and October (II)
  • Reiki III Course – April
  • Embodying Reiki – walks or study/reflective afternoons with a reiki share
  • Monday Morning Reiju – a moment to pause in the week and receive your distance empowerment
  • If you have attended courses this year, reiki shares will be offered to your groups (Friday afternoons)
  • Individual appointments

Just for ease …

A list of dates for yoga and reiki. It’s not exhaustive but will give you the main dates to put in your diary for the first half of 2022

Important: New Year Bookings

I’m on leave from 23 December to 9 January inclusive. The online booking system will be available but I will be stepping away from work completely. If you know you want to book something for the New Year, please contact me before 23 December

Thank you for continued support and presence this year, with gratitude Yvonne x

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  1. Enjoy your break and thank you for all the information

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