Massage and Bodywork

I’ve been using my family and a friend to revisit techniques and roll out the futon. I had to stop my floor practice while my body adapted to the life of a mature woman …

I’ve added some options to my massage and bodywork practice. Why bodywork? The word massage does not encompass all of the amazingness offered by Thai massage nor the depth of nourishment provided by Ayurvedic massage. Here are some ideas about the different ways to approach your massage experience

(Photos courtesy of my family who never seem to mind being used for bodywork practice)

Purely Ayurvedic

Ayurvedic massage is received on the couch using oils infused with herbs to nourish you inside and out. Ayurveda is a life science and way of life which seeks to prevent illness .The practice of Ayurvedic massage is just one therapeutic approach to prevent imbalance as well as provide a route back to health and balance

Techniques are similar to other oil-based massages with attention to muscles but as with other Eastern practices, there is an energetic focus: the body contains a network of energy lines (nadis) and acupressure points (marmani) which are worked with different pressures to deepen the effects of your massage. Clients find Ayurvedic massage is deeply nurturing with space to connect and feel rejuvenated.

Although consideration will be given to your Ayurvedic constitution, your massage will focus on what is foregrounded for you on the day and a general sense of what you need to find balance and healing.

Working out your constitution takes time and requires space. I will be offering Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Nutrition Appointments later in 2022

  • 75 minutes @ £58.00
  • 2 hours @ £88.00 (available when pandemic restrictions are eased)

Purely Thai

I’ve dusted off the futon and have returned to floor work. Thai massage is a floor based bodywork practice received through clothes. We will decide the most appropriate way to work with Thai massage for you; it is often a combination of seated, side lying, supine and prone techniques.

I have been practising Thai bodywork since 2007 and have taught introductory courses and to diploma level. Sometimes referred to as ‘lazy yoga’, this practice is grounding, balancing and brings both strength and flexibility to the body, restoring structural and postural balance to the recipient and the practitioner.

This grounded approach is hugely beneficial during pregnancy, maintaining muscular strength and mobility; it can also support preparation for an active labour.

I work with a strict ‘no pain’ policy. Considered movement and pressure is used with guided breathwork. I can work on the couch if you prefer but the futon brings a different depth to the techniques. The massage is generally dry (no oils) and received clothed; loose, comfortable, natural fibres are preferred.

  • 75 minutes @ £58.00

Combined massage and bodywork

If you prefer a combined approach using Thai and/or Ayurvedic techniques with the option of Reflexology or Reiki, this remains available. If you are an existing client, this is what you are have been receiving since I put the futon away. Always couch based with the option of a clothed or oil-based massage (skin to skin).

Feedback usually includes words such as ironed-out, a different head space, deeply relaxed and can I stay here

  • 60 minutes @ £48.00
  • 90 minutes @ £68.00

I really hope this gives a starting place for you to choose your therapy; for more information follow the links below. I look forward to seeing you soon, Yvonne

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