FULLY BOOKED: Sunday Sanga 10 October

Thanks for getting in touch to book the last few spaces for this weekend’s sanga

The next date is Sunday 5 December 2021. There are a few spaces left. You can email me using the form below

2 Comments on “FULLY BOOKED: Sunday Sanga 10 October

  1. Hi Yvonne,  sorry I haven’t paid yet.  I couldn’t change the ‘title’ on my system, will have to send it with the old one….. sorry Marianne

  2. Hello Yvonne, I have now paid on-line.  Unfortunately, it does say ‘Meditation 8/6/20’ on it.  I couldn’t change that…. Could I have a receipt saying Yoga 32 1/2 hours, please?Also, a ‘body therapy’ receipt for the 18th September. Thanks and looking forward to Sunday 🙂 Marianne x

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