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Ammerdown & Residential Retreat (Feb 2022)

I am travelling to Ammerdown again this week to provide yoga to a second group of NHS Chaplains. Ammerdown have been running retreats to say thank you for the work done during the pandemic and the work ahead. Great to be going back again.

I have been thinking about the residential retreat in February. My ideas are still fluid but I keep returning to the first two limbs of astanga: yama and niyama – discipline with others and in respect to ourselves. How we behave toward others and ourselves. I also find myself reflecting on the klesas (sources of suffering) and antaraya (obstacles). It’s all far too much for a weekend retreat so I’m just sitting with it and trusting that a nugget will form from which to guide the weekend.

There are spaces available. Ammerdown have extended my booking time. They are aware that it is difficult to make plans for February when the autumn and winter lies ahead. I have agreed to confirm numbers by the end of October with the understanding that I may be asked to do this before then.

I have written a suggested a shape for the weekend:

Morning Yoga Online in the Autumn

Morning Yoga continues with four 45 minute practices each week. We are exploring the diagonal patterns in the body with particular attention to the relationship between opposite shoulder and hip. The practice will develop through the autumn

Term Yoga Online

There are 2 one-hour evening classes on Wednesdays: 1800 and 1915. If you missed the start of term last week but would like to join, let me know. These classes echo the morning yoga theme: Contact

To complement the online classes there are Sunday Morning Sangas on 10 October and 5 December, with more planned for next year. Spaces are booking up. If you do not come to classes but would like to attend the sanga, send me an email and we can discuss whether it will work for you: Contact

Reiki Courses I, II & III

I felt very privileged on Saturday to share the Reiki I course with four women from different backgrounds with heaps of experience and experiences between them. The discussions were thought provoking and the energy of the course held the space well. Their confidence to create their own relationship with Reiki seemed to grow as the day continued. I’m very much looking forward to the next Reiki I courses. The next planned dates are 15 January and 12 March.

The next Reiki II course is full with the next course planned for May 2022. If you did not study Reiki I with me but are interested, lets chat and see if it feels appropriate for both of us: Reiki I & II Courses

My first teaching of Reiki III is in April next year. There is about six weeks of home study to work through before the course. For more information follow the link and get in touch to let me know you are interested: Reiki III Course

If you are interested in a course and would like to experience giving and receiving Reiki, you are welcome to come to a reiki share to explore the space and see if you want to pursue a course.

Reiki Shares:

  • 1845-2045 20 September (tonight!)
  • 1400-1600 22 October
  • 1845-2045 15 November
  • Ongoing shares planned (one per month)

As well as courses and shares, there are afternoons of peer study and opportunities to meet in nature to walk and meditate: Embodying Reiki

Pregnancy & Beyond

A reminder that all therapies are appropriate for antenatal and postnatal care. I work with individuals and what is right for one will not be right for another, whether you are pregnant or not. Each therapy can be adapted to provide you with the care you need. I do not specialise in antenatal or fertility care but there are many therapists who do. If you want to discuss how best to work together, we can organise a time to do this over the telephone, via zoom or in person: Contact

General information

Appointments are available Monday to Friday. If you cannot find what you need on the booking page, send me an email. The system does a great job but is basic and sometimes you may need a bit more flexibility with times than the system can offer

Yvonne x

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