Embodying Reiki

Introducing more ways for us to meet in community to share ideas, learn and practice

talking: study & reflection

Time to reflect on our Reiki practice and philosophy with a focus on individual development. This space can also include discussing ideas that are often associated with Reiki but are not part of the original practice, for example tie cutting, space clearing, personal protection, chakras:

walking the path

I would like to meet in nature in the spirit of Just for today … The starting point will be to walk in the air and space and see what develops for the group. This space will respond to what is present for the group and the weather on offer. I want this space to be simple and I am exploring some walks that I hope will be accessible to most and with spaces to pause and sit in quiet reflection. I will try to keep walks within an hour of Long Ashton. Depending on the time of year, we can meet for a few hours or the day:

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