Today I was invited to Ammerdown to provide yoga for NHS Chaplains. Ammerdown offered a retreat to say thank you for the work done during the pandemic and the work ahead. I had a really lovely introduction to working in the space. I can confirm that the setting, the people and the food are excellent. If you are wondering about the residential retreat in February but need more information or reassurance, please get in touch. There are procedures in place surrounding Covid if that is a concern for you

Morning Yoga Online in the Autumn

I am enjoying the longer morning practices and have decided that this pattern will continue in the Autumn. Over the summer we have been establishing the use of ujjayi throughout practice including anuloma ujjayi in our seated breathing practice. There has also been some chanting. If a morning practice would suit you, then do book in. There are four practices each week

Term Yoga Online in the Autumn

In September, assuming there is demand, there will be 2 one-hour evening classes on Wednesdays: 1800 and 1915. The next term begins 15 September for six weeks @ £55.00 for the term.

To complement the online classes there are Sunday Morning Sangas on 10 October and 5 December, with more planned for next year. If you do not come to classes but would like to attend the sanga, send me an email and we can discuss whether it will work for you: Contact

Reiki Courses

The Reiki I course in September is full. The next planned dates are 15 January and 12 March. The next Reiki II is 16 October and there are two more spaces available. If you did not study Reiki I with me but are interested, lets chat and see if it feels appropriate for both of us.

If you are interested in a course and would like to experience giving and receiving Reiki, you are welcome to come to a reiki share to explore the space and see if you want to pursue a course.

Some snippets following the last Reiki course:

I anticipated a really long day and was concerned by that but in fact the time flew by … It was so good to meet the others and have the opportunity to chat about the experience … Initially I thought I was happy with where I was and did not want to do reiki 2 but very quickly changed my mind so yes please!’

The pre-course material really helped me to get to understand more about Reiki in general … Fascinating to work with the energy. Loved how we could all feel it and having different experiences …’

‘I was pretty nervous [about treating another person] but loved it once we got going … then felt the time went really quickly and wasn’t ready to stop … I really loved it. Thank you for sharing what you do so graciously’

Reiki Shares:

  • 1845-2045 13 September
  • 1400-1600 22 October
  • Ongoing shares planned (one per month)

As Summer blends with Autumn …

At the end of August I will be taking some time out (delayed from July). All classes will end Friday 27 August but return:

On Monday 30 August I have a stall at Long Ashton’s Party in the Park. If you are there, drop by to say hello! (Gatcombe Farm 12.00 to 7.00 pm)

Yvonne x

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