Dates: Now to 9 July

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Meditative Spaces Online

There are two more Monday evening meetings before we break for the summer. I find that people do not want to be indoors on a summer’s evening. I am hoping to bring these back in the late Autumn:

  • Monday 14 June 2000-2045: Guided Meditation, preparing for the Summer Solstice
  • Monday 28 June 2000-2030: Yoga Evening Breathing Space

Morning Yoga Online

The Morning Dailies Online are morphing into Morning Yoga Online in preparation for the Summer. However, until 9 July, the classes continue daily:

  • Mondays to Fridays: 0900-0930
  • Friday Early Birds 0730-0815

From 26 July there will be four 45-minute morning classes each week: Monday, Wednesday and two on Fridays.

Online Term Yoga

We have had the first week of a five week term; spaces are available. There are three term classes available. If you cannot come to your normal class you can change – helpful to know in advance please:

  • Wednesdays 1800-1900 and 1915-2015
  • Thursdays 1300-1345

The Online Summer Term continues Wednesday, 28 July for five weeks; choice of term payment or set number of pre-booked classes

Yoga Sanga

To support the online practices, there are two in-person meetings arranged, Long Ashton venues:

  • Friday 4 July 0945-1245
  • Wednesday 7 July 1000-1200

Reiki Course (in-person)

If you have been interested in studying Reiki or wanting to create your own meditative and relaxation practice, this could be the course for you. This first degree course requires a few hours of pre-course reading and then a day to practise with others (maximum four students). If you want to continue to the next level course, Reiki II is available in October:

  • Saturday 26 June 0930-1700 Reiki I
  • Saturday 16 October 0930-1700 Reiki II

Reiki Share (in-person)

Last Friday, we met for our first in-person Reiki Share since March last year. It was really lovely. We managed to work within current guidelines, combining indoor shares and regular breaks outside. It was a big deal to have a group together. I was grateful the group shared the responsibility – thank you. The next two shares:

  • Monday 5 July 1845-2045
  • Friday 6 August 1330-1530


Therapy appointments are available Monday to Friday. I have opened up the diary to offer additional morning appointments on Mondays and Wednesdays. Fridays is the most popular day and tends to book the quickest. If you are looking online and cannot find a time, please contact me and I will see if I can shift things around to accommodate you: Contact

Other news

Holiday: I am taking two weeks off in July. The first week I am away camping with the family; it’s so lovely that my twenty something sons opt to come away with us. The second week, I am home writing and preparing for the summer; this week ends with an online conference with the AYS, my yoga community. This conference is open to everyone. Have a look at the programme, looks fascinating:

Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Nutrition Consultant: In September I begin my Ayurvedic studies. Ayurveda is the traditional Indian medicine practice with a 5000 year history. I have been considering this for a few years and have found a course taught by a team of Ayurveda Physicians and Practitioners, a Life coach and Clinical Pharmacists. Their goal is to teach Ayurveda in a meaningful way and integrate healing practices for students and their community. Included in the approach is encouraging students to lead a healthy, fulfilling and meaningful life – self-development at its best. I will be keeping you up to date with the course and sharing some of the teachings.

If you practice yoga with me, an Ayurvedic approach is present in our practice, particularly the use of breath and asana to create particular effects within the body.

Happy Sunday!

Yvonne x

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