Reiki Course and Share

I have one more space on this month’s Reiki I course on Saturday 26 June. If you are thinking about signing up, please give yourself time to receive the manual and do some pre-course reading. Preparing for this instructive introduction to Reiki allows our day together to focus on the practical aspects of Reiki and discuss any questions you have about your understanding and practice: Reiki Courses

If you would like to know a bit more about Reiki, you might find this talk useful and I’m very happy to organise a time to talk with you before you commit to the course:

This Friday is our first in person Reiki Share since the start of 2020. Numbers are limited to four (plus me) to observe Covid guidelines. We will be sharing a room but everyone can decide how they would like to use the space. We will come to a shared agreement for the two hours. You can book online or contact me to book your space. Reiki Shares are a good way to experience giving and receiving Reiki and can be helpful to help you decide whether or not to attend a course: Reiki Shares

I hope to see you soon


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