The Body Talking

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I’ve started following dionsandcomics on Instagram and this cartoon made me smile. Often bodywork clients and yoga students say to me, ‘You don’t need to hear all this, I don’t know why I’m telling you really.’

And I say, ‘That’s what I’m here for.’

I’m not a counsellor or psychotherapist but everything you think and feel is experienced by the body. That amazing bundle of soft and hard tissues isn’t disconnected from your mind and heart. What you share is completely relevant.

We are ready to acknowledge muscular pain when it’s associated with physical injury and illness. But here’s the thing: the body experiences emotional pain as much as your head does. It doesn’t have to be big stuff for the body to to brace itself and become tense. It doesn’t even have to be your stuff …

Saying out loud that life is challenging can often give your body permission to let go.

So if you want to (and it’s not obligatory) keep talking. As an added bonus, I like listening!

Yvonne x

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