A few notes and Highlights

I hope you are well this week. I’ve become weather-obsessed. Different types of weather rarely change my mood but the warmer weather this week has been a real source of happiness for me. I hope you’ve managed to catch the sunshine and enjoyed the warmer showers!

Here are a few dates and updates. Click on the headings and links to go to the relevant pages

Term Yoga

Wednesday evening yoga returns next Wednesday for six weeks, 24 February at 6.00 pm and 7.15 pm. If you came last term I will automatically book you in. If you need something different, please let me know. This term we turn our attention to the inhale associated with Spring and anahata (the heart cakra). There is also attention to the neck and its relationship with the shoulders.

Other Yoga Classes

The Morning Dailies and Friday Early Bird classes will be a year old next month! We have met most weeks through the year. Some of you have been there most days every week. I’ve created some canvas tote bags to celebrate, some of which have been sent as a thank you for your continuous presence.

These classes have been available during this half term and will continue beyond Covid – I hope they are here to stay. It’s a great community offering connection and friendship. Please book online or contact me if you would like to join.

Individual lessons are being accessed regularly by individuals or by two people (from the same house or from different parts of the country). There is the option for small group private classes too (minimum four people).

Meditative Spaces

Next Monday’s online guided evening meditation is booking up, 22 February at 8.00 pm. If you want a place you can book online or send me a message: Contact

Other meditative spaces are an Evening Breathing Space with very gentle breath led yoga and Reiki shares on specific Monday mornings.


I am close to publishing information about my new courses, I’m just confirming dates with my admin team.

Over the last year, I have had more space to consider my relationship with Reiki and this has been my personal gift during the pandemic. There has been time to study, to meditate and to discuss my practice and teaching of Reiki. I have been practising Reiki for more than 15 years and it’s this time to arrive at this place of clarity and commitment.

Reiki is often misunderstood with plenty of assumptions piled on top. I want to change this. As well as the website and blog, there are two options I’m considering:

  • Short videos to introduce and talk about Reiki, or
  • Live zoom time to introduce Reiki and answer questions

My feeling is that there are a lot of videos on social media from therapists and teachers talking about their businesses and offers – I’m not sure I want to join them. In general, I have resisted recording yoga practices, choosing to be present and live when I’m teaching. I think I’ve just convinced myself to do the same for these introductions but let me know what you think would work best: Contact


There is a calendar page with a link to my google calendar. If you are unsure of what is on, this is the best place to find out if you don’t need to visit individual pages. I find the AGENDA view the clearest to look at. There is also a Calendar on the right side of the website pages.

Social Media

I have rejigged my social media pages, this is a recurring pattern. I’m not sure if I need to learn a lesson or just accept that sometimes I try stuff and it doesn’t work in the way I think it will. There is now one Facebook page and one Instagram page. You can take your pick of how you want to receive information. All my blogs are fed to the social media sites (including Twitter and LinkedIn).


There are two websites, this one and embodied woman.

Last month, I completed my Yoga for Pregnancy and Active Birth course. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn with an experienced teacher from the viniyoga tradition. It also allowed me to reflect on my own experiences of pregnancy and labour. I want this to evolve organically and over time – a gentle birthing rather than forced delivery! So no classes planned for the foreseeable future but I’m available on a one to one basis.

I am keeping the embodied woman website as there is a need to support women as they live with normal changes of cycles and energy. I will be sharing ideas and information so do like this site if you want to join the conversation. This is also evolving slowly.

Thanks for reading. If you are wondering if you fulfil the criteria for a face to face appointment, please message me. I am permitted to practice massage and reflexology providing the benefit outweighs the risk.

I’m about to travel virtually to Denmark to take part in a webinar on Gut and Immunity …

‘Farvel’ (goodbye), Yvonne x

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