Meditative Spaces

Good Morning!

I hope you’re well. I have been playing with different ideas for meditative spaces. There is now a dedicated page with this information on: Meditative Spaces

At the end of the page is a summary of what is on and when and there are links to the pages with information for each space. These sessions can be booked now or up to the day before. If you are finding it hard to organise the rest of the household for the evening sessions then bring them along! However for younger children the spaces might be a bit too quiet … Once the sessions start, you are muted so your household will not disturb others (one payment per household).

Any questions please ask. the page makes sense to me but let me know if something is unclear … Meditation doesn’t have to be a solitary experience and the zoom option works well to create a shared community experience

Happy Friday everyone!

Yvonne x

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