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Thank you for responding to the Positive Spin post, good to know I’m not alone!

As requested, I’ve added some additional dates to the online Reiki Shares and Guided Meditations. When we get to March I will review the dates:

Online Reiki Shares are on Monday mornings, 1000- 1115

  • 25 January
  • 8 February
  • 22 February
  • 8 March

Online Guided Meditations are on Monday evenings, 2000-2045:

  • 18 January
  • 1 February
  • 22 February
  • 22 March


Before Christmas and last week I chanted during yoga lessons. I enjoy chanting. It shines a light on how I am feeling. How my energy is. It can seem complicated and scary but it doesn’t have to be. When we were able to meet in person, we had a period of time where we would chant in class.

I have been asked if I would consider running online chanting sessions. Of course I would if there is the demand. I am not sure of the practicalities of this. If you have any experience of sharing singing or chanting spaces online, let me know how you work it as a group.

And, please let me know if this appeals to you. I am not sure what time of day or evening would appeal. If you live with other people, you might feel uncomfortable chanting if they can hear you but if you can overcome that, it’s a fantastic practice to develop. It would help me to develop too!


Over Christmas I made a thirty minute practice available in lieu of live lessons. Would you be interested in having this provision on a regular basis? Some of you cannot make a regular evening due to homes being busy and cannot make regular mornings due to work and homes being busy. I thought of creating two practices on Vimeo to be accessed by a password. These would be similar to the Morning Dailies and Friday Early Bird practices which also mirror the Wednesday Term Yoga:

  • 45 minute practice to include asana, pranayama and meditation
  • 25 minute practice focusing on asana with short breathing practice and reflection
  • Available for a two week period. They will not be available for download but accessible via the website/vimeo. This can be done via your web browser, you do not need any special equipment or apps

If this appeals, I would like guidance for a pricing strategy. For example:

  • A set one-off payment for both practices (how much?)
  • A set one-off payment for either practice (how much?)
  • A suggested donation based on the amount of times you access the practice(s)
  • Have all these options available

I look forward to hearing from you, Yvonne x

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