What can I say?

I am trying to put a positive spin on a situation which does not feel positive. Give me 24 hours and I might come up with something. In the meantime, all face to face/in person appointments are cancelled. There is a suggestion that I will be able to see clients for specific issues but I am waiting for my regulatory bodies to wake up and sift through the information. At the moment the government website is suggesting close contact services have to stop although you can seek therapy for medically related conditions.

Thankfully, we can meet online for:

  • Morning Dailies
  • Friday Early Birds
  • Wednesday Term Yoga
  • Guided Meditation
  • Reiki Shares
  • Coffee Pot Philosophy
  • Individual appointments for yoga, reiki and meditation

We could just meet up for a cup of tea!

Sending much love and encouragement to keep breathing and be kind

Yvonne x

2 Comments on “What can I say?

  1. Thank you for making contact with us!  I’m still in shock.  So glad we got the massage in yesterday. Hoping to find some form of contact soon, Marianne xxxx


  2. Dear Yvonne Thankyou……. ………just to see you every morning is enough !! …… your kindness and caring shines through …… you don’t need to do anything more, but do look after your very kind and generous self.

    With love Annette xx

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