Opening to 2021

This week I am writing out my intentions for the beginning of the new year. I have enjoyed Christmas more this year. There has been an emphasis on connecting to people who are important. There have been more phone calls, messages and video chats with more to come. Much less ‘bah humbug’ … I am beginning to feel restored and curious to see what happens next.

All classes and group spaces continue online for the time being. We will be following a reflective theme as we travel through the winter. You can let me know what you would like sign up for in January/February or you can book online. The system allows bookings up to 12 hours before a class/appointment time. For the Morning Dailies, if you wake in the morning and find you are able to come along, text me and I will confirm if there is a space.

Y o g a

Classes will focus on the BK (pause after the exhale), symbolic of Winter and listening to stillness. These practices give us time to listen to our bodies and potentially bring awareness to what we need rather than what we want:

  • Wednesday Term Yoga: a six week term of hour classes starting on 6 January at 6.00 pm or 7.15 pm @ £55.00
  • Morning Dailies: daily 30 minute classes
    • Full rate £6.50 / Lower rate £5.00 
    • A week of dailies (can include Early Bird) @ Full rate £28.00 / Lower rate £20.00
  • Early Bird Fridays: 45 minute class @ 7.30 am
    • Full rate £7.50 / Lower rate £6.00

Coffee Pot Philosophy 

These conversations have been well attended and we have grappled with some of the ideas in the yoga sutras. We have had two meetings in which we were going to discuss the citta vrttis – movements of the mind. We haven’t quite got there having talked about why we practice yoga, what is yoga and the concepts of purusa and prakrti. If you are interested in joining us, don’t be put off that you haven’t come to any chats yet. It’s a discussive group and a lovely connection to end the week with. You will be sent a link to a recording at the end of the session; handouts are provided

  • Fridays, 2.15 – 3.15 pm: 15 January, 5 & 26 February, 19 March
    • Full rate £10.00 / Lower rate £7.00

Evening Guided Meditations 

These online meetings have moved to one per month. I thoroughly enjoyed our Winter Solstice Ceremony. Another great space to pause, reflect and recentre. The meditations are guided by me but there is plenty of space for silence and personal reflection. The majority of people just wave goodbye at the end of the evening to focus on their own space and experience but there is also an opportunity to share a reflection if you feel drawn to

  • Mondays, 8.00 – 8.45 pm: 18 January 22 February, 22 March
    • Full rate £6.50 / £5.00

R e i k i

I have had an interesting year with my reiki personal and professional reiki practice. Online shares have been a complete surprise and delightful support. I am still contemplating my teaching provision of reiki. I am drawn to its simplicity but it can be even simpler still. At the moment I am moving towards one day reiki courses for Reiki I and Reiki II, longer for Reiki III to allow personal development and reflection time and additional study days to explore healing practices.

Reiki shares are moving to one per month. Shares tend to last an hour but there’s a bit of extra space as sometimes a discussion/conversation evolves.

  • Mondays, 1000 – 1115: 11 January, 8 February, 8 March …
    • Full rate £6.50 / Lower rate £5.00

Therapy Appointments

I am permitted to work in all tiers providing certain criteria are fulfilled. If you are a new client, please email to arrange an online assessment to ensure we are working to Government guidelines.

If you book an appointment, I will be in touch to tell you how we can meet to keep each other safe and to answer any questions you have. There is a Health Screening questionnaire before all appointments and I will of course cancel if I have any symptoms suggesting I am unwell.

embodied woman

I started a new website to focus on women at different stages of life. It’s still there but seems to be in the background. If you were wanting to develop a conversation around menopause or pregnancy, let me know. I have it in mind to record a practice for peri/menopausal women which I will post on the blog. I offered this before Christmas but have not actually recorded it. Do give me a nudge if you have been waiting for it! I am wondering if my stalling is symptomatic of this huge transition we are expected to and want to keep in the shadows …

I think that’s it for now. I believe the website is up to date if you want to read/access more information (let me know if I am still in 2020 or anything is unclear…)

Thanks again for your support and presence this year, I am grateful to have my business and health intact

Best wishes, Yvonne x

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