Just before I sign off for the weekend …

I have been going through the guidance for massage practice from MTI (The Massage Therapy Initiative) and realise that in being given more support, I also need to up my engagement with ensuring my space meets the criteria. I am blown away with the work they have put into ensuring massage practice is aligned with healthcare provision, it’s overwhelming but reassuring. I will continue to email you before your appointment with information about our time together

What’s coming up this week

Morning Dailies – the last full week of morning classes. At the end of the week, I will be providing a recorded 25 minute class to all those who have been coming, including the Early Birders. This will be of the week’s practice to tide you over til our return on 4 January. If you find it useful, I am considering providing this with every week of morning dailies so if you cannot come to classes, you will have the option of a guided home practice: Morning Dailies Online and Friday Early Bird Online

Monday evening online guided meditation at 8.00 pm. We will work with the candle visualisation. On Monday 21 December, the Winter Solstice will guide our meditation. I will write more about what you need to bring with you: Meditation

On Friday we have our second Coffee Pot Philosophy afternoon. Our first afternoon discussed the definition of yoga. We didn’t make it to the activities of the mind! We will recap our ideas and then talk about the citta vrttis and klesa. You do not need to have come to the first afternoon to join: Coffee Pot Philosophy

Wednesday evening Term Yoga has finished. We return online on 6 January for a six week term: A Term of Yoga

(c) Alfred Schrock

Wishing a centred and restful weekend, Yvonne x

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