Coffee Pot Philosophy: Friday 18 December

Our first session was last Friday. We discussed the definition of yoga with reference to the the first chapter of the Yoga Sutras. Within this was conversation about our personal relationship with yoga, what is spirituality and particularly the stilling of the mind to connect to something profound. If you were unable to come and would like to have access to an audio recording please do ask.

Here are the details of our next online meeting. When you have booked in, I will send some supporting information for the session:

  • Topic: Citta vrttis (activities of the mind) and the Klesas (the patterns behind our busy mind)
  • Time: Friday 18 December @ 2.15 pm for an hour
  • Cost: £10.00 (full rate) / £7.00 (lower rate)
  • What you need:
    • a drink (optional) and comfy chair
    • zoom link (to be supplied)
  • What would be useful but not essential:
    • a copy of the yoga sutras
  • What you don’t need:
    • any prior knowledge

You can book online or send me a message to book your space: Contact

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