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Hello lovely people!

Surrender to the Moment

Lockdown ends at 12.01 am Wednesday 2 December. I am offering in-person appointments from 7 to 22 December. Please do book in if you would like an appointment before Christmas. If you are booked in but feel uncomfortable about meeting up, just let me know. We all need to do what is right for us in the spirit of self care and kindness to others.

There is a suggestion that the virus will spike again after Christmas. I do not know what this will mean in terms of future Tiers and lockdowns. Currently, I am able to work whichever Tier I live in but will take each day as it comes. My therapy room is only used for work and obviously we will need to work within guidelines: masks, handwashing, sanitising etc. I will be in touch 24 hours before your appointment to ask some screening questions:

Yoga classes will continue online. I suspect this will be the case until the Spring next year. Thank goodness for zoom and the internet. Life would feel very bleak without it. The Morning Dailies and Early Bird Fridays are a haven of connection and community. As ever, our Wednesday evening classes continue the rhythm of term yoga:

Guided Meditations and Reiki Shares also continue online. Distant reiki is available too – a completely novel idea to some of you but it works:

Gift Certificates are available for all therapies and yoga

Namaste! Yvonne x

One Comment on “In Person Appointments & Yoga

  1. Dear Yvonne,

    Yes please, I’d love a one to one yoga session with you. (I also understand from your info below that the same will hold for me teaching one to one pupils in my music room. I’ve just been discussing if I’m allowed to or not with a pupil.)

    Good days for me to come for a lesson are Mondays (but on 7th not quite as good, although I could change a walk I’ve arranged with a friend to another time); Thursdays up intil 4.00; and Fridays any time.

    I look forward to booking a time up to suit you.

    best wishes,


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