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From November we have a different time to meet online:

  • Monday mornings, about every four weeks, up to 75 minutes
  • Price remains the same full price £6.50 / lower rate £5.00
  • Confirming dates for the rest of the year
    • Friday, 16 October 1400-1500 (last Friday reiki share)
    • Monday, 9 November 1000-1115
    • Monday, 7 December 1000-1115

The space has evolved into a lovely supportive community and conversations at the start feel important. I am allowing an extra time so we do not cut the healing short. You can book via me or online: Reiki page

In the spring I hope we will be able to work online and in person.


I am receiving regular requests for distant healing. I am putting an hour aside each Monday morning and when there is a share I will quietly incorporate my commitment at the end when we send healing to our friends and community. Follow the link for more information: Distant Healing Requests


I was hoping to start teaching again this Autumn. I thought about offering courses online but I am not set up to do this. I will start in the Spring (2021) when we will be allowed to meet in person with fewer restrictions. I recently received a second Reiki Master teaching. The blended learning I received was fantastic but I feel was possible as I have nearly 20 years of experience with reiki. I would not feel comfortable teaching someone online who is taking their first steps with healing.

If you are wanting an online experience, I recommend Lucie Emmett in Exeter. She teaches in accordance with Reiki Evolution ideas and teachings: Lucie Emmett

When I do start teaching, Reiki I and Reiki II will be one day courses with precourse reading and follow-up supervision. Reiki III I am still pondering but suspect it will be a 4 to 6 month commitment with home study and contact days including meeting in nature.

If you have spoken to me about Reiki, you know that I have an uneasy relationship with the subtler sides or esoteric philosophies of healing. I am often approached by would-be reiki students who are really looking to explore mediumship and psychic ability rather than reiki. Reiki is often confused with clairvoyancy and associated abilities and people who do not relate to these experiences feel they cannot practice reiki or energy work. It can also make people wary of healing and of the people who practice it.

Reiki was formalised by a Tendai Buddhist and has meditation and being mindful at its centre. It is a philosophy of balance, self-care and care for others. It can lead to other studies and then additional ideas become attached to it. What is reiki and what is not reiki is often confused. Which is a travesty. Reiki is simple, clear and loving and is available to anyone who is drawn to it.

I want my courses to teach reiki as a healing practice; they will give an excellent foundation to anyone who wants to explore energy and their own spiritual practice. I can see reiki echoed in yoga philosophy, they complement one another beautifully. Reiki supports meditation practice too. It is meditation.

So that’s where my reiki practice is. Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions or want to book anything reiki related including an individual appointment. Do like the reiki facebook page and/or instagram account if you feel drawn to:

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  1. Dear Yvonne, Thank you for all the information and your views on reiki. I found it very helpful. I do feel at the moment that I would like to pursue reiki further and maybe join your teaching next year. It will depend on what happens with the virus and my own life! Love,Ann

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