In person Yoga: For all and for Pregnancy & Active Birth

I had a fantastic weekend near the Malvern Hills, studying yoga for pregnancy and active birth. The subject matter is heartfelt but added to that was the power of being with people, in person. It has spurred me on to look again at the space in Yatton.

The space is contained and quiet and I think manageable within the restrictions imposed on us during the pandemic. If we go back into lockdown, I will just take the whole class online.

Additional Yoga Classes Friday afternoons

  • Yoga for Pregnancy & Active Birth
    • Friday 7 November – 11 December (6 weeks)
    • 1345 – 1445
    • £55.00 for the term
    • Attendance option of in-person or via zoom
      • Maximum 5 people in person + maximum 5 people via zoom)
  • Yoga for All
    • Friday 7 November – 11 December (6 weeks)
    • 1515 – 1615
    • £55.00 for the term
    • Attendance option of in-person or via zoom:
      • maximum 5 people in person + maximum 5 people via zoom)

Requirements during Covid-19

I thought you would have questions about how the space would work in-person. Here’s a summary:

  • Everyone to bring their own mat and block/cushion. In addition, women attending the pregnancy class will also need to bring their own exercise/gym ball
  • Hand sanitiser to be used on entering the building
  • Masks to be worn until you have set up your space and are on your mat
  • We are allowed to meet for the class but are required to avoid gathering socially before/after
  • There will be a weekly screening process to check you have not developed recognised Coronavirus symptoms or been in contact with someone who has
  • If we have to stop meeting in person, everyone will be invited to move to zoom. If this is not possible for you, the balance of the term payment can be put towards an individual lesson or therapy of your choice
  • If you need to move from in person to online, you can do that

embodied woman

I will be writing more about my provision for women during pregnancy. I am in the process of reviving my practice for women who are pregnant or have begun parenthood under the name of embodied woman. Of course there will be provision for their partners too! I will write separately about the yoga and massage and bodywork, both on the couch and futon. embodied woman will be focusing on all phases of womanhood. These are not necessarily distinct but we need to give ourselves permission to acknowledge the cycles we live with and have to adapt to as we walk through life. Yoga, bodywork and massage are a invaluable to sustain ourselves as well as prepare for these cycles.