Updates, including Yoga in the Autumn

We really have started autumn! It’s been very quiet working from my therapy room today. There have been no children running down to the playground. It reminds me of the Pied Piper story however I assume they are at school!

And for us, this week is the last Wednesday yoga class for the ‘summer’. I have made enquiries about hall hire for face to face or in-person classes but having read through the guidelines and restrictions, I will not be offering face to face classes. In talking with other teachers, I find that I am not alone. Village halls and spaces run by volunteers are subject to social distancing, restricted numbers, a strict cleaning regime and open doors and windows … Many halls are not reopening for the time being. I do not know when this situation will change.

So, what is available? Individual lessons and therapies are available face to face in Long Ashton. Otherwise all group spaces are online:

A Term of Yoga starts Wednesday 16 September for six weeks. Providing there are the numbers there will be two one-hour classes at 6 pm and 7.15 pm. If you cannot come to your usual class, you will be able to attend the other class or try a morning daily that week.

I am offering an individual face to face lesson to discuss the term practice; this is at a reduced cost. This is not the same as an individual lesson where we create a separate practice but a space to discuss the current class practice and answer any questions your head or body are asking

  • Cost of six week term @ £55.00
  • Cost of supporting term lesson (30 minutes) @ £15.00 (can be online if you would prefer)

Morning Dailies continue every weekday morning. These practices have developed depth and a strong sense of community. You can come once a week, for the whole week or somewhere inbetween. This offers flexibility and regular practice. Everyone has seen a profound change to their practice and I am being told how the regularity of practice not only affects the body but also the day ahead and life and general. I’m delighted with these spaces. To share regular practice is a gift.

  • Monday to Friday: 0900-0930
  • Monday and Wednesday: 0730-0800
  • Fridays: 0730-0815*
  • Cost: 
    • Single classes @ Full rate £6.50/£7.50*/ Lower rate £5.00/£6.00*
    • One week of dailies @ Full rate £28.00/Lower rate £20.00

Individual lessons are available face to face or online. This is an opportunity to focus on specific areas of your practice or your life. We create an appropriate practice for you to work with at home. Regular lessons are recommended to maintain development.

Evening Meditations are offered on the second and fourth Monday evening of the month. We are working with guided visualisations. Last month we went to the forest. In September we are going to the beach … Not much talking goes on here. I will guide you on a journey of the imagination to relax and provide a healing space

I hope some of these spaces will appeal to you. I know being online is not ideal for some and space at home can be limited. Whether or not we return to face to face classes or not, life will be different without the ease of Yanley Court. Rachel allowed me to treat it as my own and there was a lot of flexibility.  Hand on heart – I like the online provision. It is simple and has opened up regular yoga for people who are isolated and are restricted by work or location.

I have thought that I could try to organise a morning retreat to support the online classes. I am unable to teach and hold the space and manage the restrictions. It’s just too much. But if someone else can do it and it’s affordable, that makes it possible. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions or need reassurance regarding practice. I think I’ve made sense …

And finally, thank you for your continued support and openness to try out online provisions and get to grips with online technology. I know some of you have needed to manage interruptions from your family, pets and delivery people arriving mid-lesson!

A reminder that next week I am taking a week off (7-11 September). I’m going away to Cornwall to retreat with my hubby. Will let you know how that goes. The centre where we are staying ends its emails: breathe deeply, rest quietly, think clearly … perfect

Yvonne x

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