A few more days and it’s September!

For those of you who have known me for a while, you will know that I love the autumn and the start of September is a celebration. As well as wishing you a great bank holiday weekend, I have some updates about yoga and meditative spaces.


I was considering starting a face to face class in September but interest was limited. I feel relieved. Local halls and spaces are run by volunteers who feel responsible for both the space and the wellbeing of users of the hall and so it follows that there is a necessity for rules and restrictions. I was feeling overwhelmed and not particularly inspired. There are no face to face classes planned but I will reconsider if the situation changes.

In the meantime, daily online morning classes continue as do online Yoga Wednesdays. Next week, the Morning Dailies are on Tuesday to Friday and there is the final class of a month of yoga on Wednesday evening. I will write about the next term of Wednesdays starting on 16 September.

I have been told about a retreat centre in the Frome/Radstock area that is managing the space very well with the restrictions. I will be contacting them to see if there is a possibility of running a morning or day retreat to complement the online classes. If someone else manages the space, I can concentrate on the teaching.

Online Guided Meditation Evenings

We have spent two evenings walking through a forest and resting at the top of a mountain. In September I will lead a guided visualisation to the beach to meditate. These evenings happen online and it’s a wonderful 30 minutes of being transported to a space guided by my voice but created by your imagination. There are spaces available on both evenings, 14 and 28 September. The Meditations take place on the second and fourth Monday of the month.

Online Reiki Share

These take place on the first and third Friday afternoon of each month. These are also a guided visualisation but working with the idea of energy and distant healing. It sounds bonkers but it works. Here is a short introduction to reiki.

I have been working with Reiki since 2003. I completed a two year Reiki Master apprenticeship in 2009. I have wanted to develop my relationship and practice so I embarked on another training and have just completed an additional Reiki Master training. This was due to take place in April but luckily lockdown happened. My teacher agreed to teach me online and I have been working through various exercises with ongoing guidance and discussion. It’s been a great way to work and suits my style of needing to take my time to reflect and experience.

During this time, more people have approached me for reiki healing and asking about courses. It’s funny how that happens – I decided to commit time and space to this teaching and practice and others have asked to join me. I am intending to publish my courses and information during the autumn. In the meantime here is a link to the relevant page: Reiki

Next week, I am working Tuesday to Friday. I have a few spaces left in the diary for individual appointments and yoga lessons. If you would like to book in online please do, or send me a message and I will find your a time.

Yvonne x

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