New yoga class? September 2020

This is the proposed space for a new class starting mid September, Wednesday mornings at 1030 am.

Details for using the space are to be finalised. I wanted to ask who would be able to come to or feel ready to come to a face to face class?

  • Wednesdays 1030-1130
  • Long Ashton Guide Headquarters, Weston Road, LA
  • Drop in and term rates will be available providing there is demand for a class

I will explain the logistics of this in full but briefly the number will be limited to allow social distancing, windows and doors will be open and some mask wearing will be required (off the mat only).

Online Morning Dailies and Online Wednesday evenings are due to continue indefinitely.

Let me know what you think.

Look forward to hearing from you, Yvonne x

5 Comments on “New yoga class? September 2020

  1. Hi Yvonne, If I keep well and infection rates don’t go up and up and we have another lock-down, I’d be interested.I might want to see the space first, if that’s an option? Well done for organising this 🙂 Marianne x


  2. Hello

    I am in two minds but because of the time in the day I will, for now anyway, stay with zoom class. I may change depending on the Covid-19. Hope it works out and I’m sure you will let us know how it works.


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  3. Hi Yvonne
    I’d love to come along but can’t do the timings. Good luck with it, the guide hut’s a nice local space to use x


  4. Hi Yvonne, I’m up for it while Tom’s working from home which looks ongoing for now.Caro x Caro Ash


  5. Hi Yvonne, Like Yvonne and Marianne I would be in two minds about F2F Yoga classes. And Wednesday mornings have traditionally been Early Music for me and I will be returning to this if all goes well. Morning Dailies have been so rewarding, I will certainly continue with them…


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