More Online Morning Dailies (MD)

I wrote my MD thoughts in a blog last week and realise you might like to hear what MD Students have to say. Visit the Testimonial page for the full feedback, as time goes on I will add to this: testimonials

I would like to see the Morning Dailies grow. They have become the most effective way to teach regular and sustainable practice and definitely my new normal. If you have ideas about how they could work for you or have any questions, let me know. You do not need to be Bristol based to join us! This is a wonderful, supportive group space: contact

I started tentatively with one or two sessions and enjoyed seeing familiar faces again.  The practicalities were so much easier to manage than I thought that I have continued to increase the sessions week by week, glad that their flexibility can fit around my still working from home.  There is something special about the shared practice that keeps me focussed and encouraged.  Starting the day with yoga really energises me physically and mentally as I go on into my working day.  I’m thankful for the attention Yvonne gives to the questions we ask and the challenges we’ve highlighted and appreciate the way she works with this in the next session – the following day – adjusting her instructions to assist us or modifying (and sometimes extending) postures to support us. 


each practice has grown and developed during each week and I have found the cumulative effect really beneficial. I can now touch my toes. My neck is less knotted up. I can manage Cobra without my back pinching.  And I am finally beginning to understand the necessity of breathing practice.  I know I am much healthier, both physically and mentally because of them …


Whilst I did enjoy weekly classes in person … I often struggled to get there after work, and so having something at the beginning of the day, that I don’t even need to leave the house for (I mostly do the Early morning Zoom) has been a fabulous way to start the day and much more achievable! On more than one occasion it’s transformed my mood and how my body feels, a huge help in tackling the day


Here are links to the relevant pages:

I am investigating a September daytime, face to face class in Long Ashton. I should have more details before the end of the month.

Hope you’re having a good start to the week, Yvonne

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