Blink and it’s Friday

It’s been lovely to see you this week in person as well as inside my laptop. Next week we continue online with the Morning Dailies, Meditation Evening and Reiki Share. It is the last Wednesday of online July yoga (returning 13 August). And Face to face therapies are back in force – hurray!

Do have a look round the site to see what’s available. For a summary the Timetables page has a plan until late October. I can dream that a plan that far into the future won’t change

Hope you have a happy weekend!

Yvonne x

2 Comments on “Blink and it’s Friday

  1. Dear Yvonne, Thanks for all your notes and pictures. I really appreciate you keeping in touch with us and repeating things so we can’t forget. You have been such a wonderful contact to have during the pandemic and I have particularly enjoyed my new experience of Reiki. Much love to you, Ann

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