Online Evening Meditation

Through June there will be an online evening meditation on Mondays at 8.00 pm. Meditation is often viewed as something other people do well. It is seen as difficult or beyond our reach. Conversations about personal meditation practice drip with self-criticism and judgement and yet we are drawn to it. We want to be able to do it. I’m curious as to what ‘it’ is. I suspect ‘it’ is misconception and misunderstanding.

These evenings will be a gentle step towards learning to sit with your own thoughts. This is a practice to engage and focus the mind. To learn how to be with our natural busyness and intellect. The mind can be thought of as a child. You would not expect a child to sit still and silent without support and guidance. There are many ways to meditate, let’s explore what they might be.

This is appropriate for new or inexperienced meditators

You do not need the perfect space:

  • If people are around then have your earphones handy
  • A meditation stool, yoga block or chair are useful – lying flat often ends in sleep …
  • A light blanket/wrap in case you feel chilled
  • A glass of water
  • Optional: a lit candle, a small object for focus

I have booked 30 to 45 minutes to begin with. I want to take the pressure off. Let’s start small and see where it goes

  • Full rate £6.50
  • Lower rate £5.00
  • Book online or through me: contact

If a daytime meet would be easier, let me know …

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