It’s nearly the weekend … again!

I hope you’re all well today. I am hearing some terribly sad stories mixed in with positive moments including online birthday parties, sharings of recipes, games and other activities. Chocolate is also mentioned rather a lot.

I have been reflecting on Prof Witty’s statements last night. I had thought I might be back to seeing clients face to face from June. It seems unlikely. I wonder if the social distancing rules will be relaxed enough for me to work at people’s feet and maybe teach yoga but smaller groups? I really hope so. Time will tell.

I am uncomfortable with the whole of life focused on managing one virus. There are so many other aspects of life to be considered including other viruses and illnesses; the rest of life and nature is not on hold. That’s probaby enough of that train of thought …

I have been offering all my online services at reduced rates. To make my life sustainable too, I have now introduced a full rate and lower rate system. If your income is affected by the continued lockdown and restrictions, please book in at the lower rate. If your finances are protected, it would be appreciated if you booked in at the full rate. Some clients have been paying my usual rates and I am very grateful for this – thank you!

Next week online Morning Dailies, Term classes and Reiki Shares continue. I am available for individual appointments. I have been teaching clients self-help techniques, leading meditations and providing distant reiki healing. If you have a willing bodywork partner, I am happy to teach both of you techniques to ease tension and discomfort.

Let me know how we can work together. In the meantime, this is one of my favourite portrayals of lockdown. I particularly like Week 3:

Yvonne x

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