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I hope you’ve all enjoyed Easter. This week sees a continuation of the online morning classes, the start of the new six week yoga term and the weekly reiki share (all via zoom):

  • Yoga Dailies: 30 minute classes at 9.00 am and 10.00 am
  • Yoga Term:
    • 1630-1730
    • 1800-1900
    • 1930-2030 (This class is full)
  • Weekly Reiki (with meditation) Share: Wednesday at 11.00 am

Online appointments are also available:


It feels like we are finding our rhythm with this new way of life. I am aware of how privileged I am. I am being offered space and rest and time with my family. I know this is not the same for others, with or without a pandemic.

I am hoping that I will be able to meet you face to face from June. That is my hope. If it is sooner I will be pleasantly surprised. With time to reflect, I am considering new ways of working. I will be keeping some online presence. This has proved invaluable during this time but has also made people think about how they can access practice when they return to fuller timetables.

I am playing with my massage practice, I have pulled the futon out again to work with my family, as well as the massage couch. I stopped working with the futon due to the perimenopause playing havoc with my body. I stopped drinking alcohol at the start of the year and I believe this has provided a monumental shift to my physical and mental well-being. I need to practice being on the futon again to ensure I am fit and safe enough to practice this way. I would like to have both the couch and futon available but it has to be sustainable. I will keep you updated.

I have a question for you: Why do you come to me for massage? Is it the type of massage or is it the way I apply it? I am not looking for plaudits or criticism. I am wondering if I should call it massage or massage & bodywork rather than name the approach or discipline. When people want Ayurvedic massage they tend to call it, ‘the name I can’t remember’. Or I am told, ‘I don’t mind what you do, whatever you think I need’. I know when some people are referred to me they are wary of anything other than ‘massage’. Sounds like I’m answering my own question … but I would still like to hear what you think?

In summary, I am reframing how I work. I have been given the opportunity to pause. I am grateful for the years of training and practice I have had the opportunity to experience. The time I have invested and the different ways I have been taught about energy and application have come together to allow me to continue to work and feel positive about the time ahead.

I truly hope you are in the same position. If you are not, I am happy to connect to listen to your story; perhaps I can provide a space to support you?

Here’s to the week ahead, with love & gratitude, Yvonne

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