Yoga and working with zoom

We have had another week of online yoga dailies; thank you for joining me. Outside of the room, I’ve been aware of horses, bees, birds and dancing groundsman! Your feedback has been great and I am very happy for this online provision to continue once we are allowed back out into the world. Some people are time limited or live further afield and it is a way for them to connect and continue accessing regular yoga classes. They certainly give the start of my day structure and regularity. We can keep the daily contact or have fewer classes each week of half an hour or longer. If you have any thoughts let me know

Yoga dailies continue after the Easter weekend from Tuesday, 14 April at 9.00 am and 10.00 am. Book online or email me direct: contact

Wednesday Term Yoga returns on 15 April for six weeks. I am keeping the maximum number to eight. Any more and we enter overwhelm. I have been hearing stories of meetings with 20 people. That’s a lot of faces to interact with. To allow space for everyone, I am teaching three one-hour classes: 1630, 1800 and 1930.

If there is space, there can be movement between the classes but this needs to be arranged in advance. Please ensure you have mat and blocks available. There will be a seated breathing practice and reflection at the end of every class; if you like to sit on a chair or meditation stool then do have this to hand.

You can book online either paying by card at the time of booking or skip the card payment and pay by BACs. Choose the class time you would prefer and I will book you in for the whole term. I will send out the zoom link, ID and password for your chosen class. This will remain the same for the term. You can paste the link into your web browser if you would prefer not to download the app

We seem to have developed a good working zoom relationship; here are some tips for practice:

  • The waiting room opens five to ten minutes before the class. For some people it can take a while to access zoom. The audio can be delayed but usually comes up after a minute or so. So far we have had few issues. I have my mobile with me so please text or email if you have problems – phone calls usually go straight to voice mail
  • Once we have arrived we can have a group check in and say hello to familiar and new faces
  • During practice, everyone is muted other than me! If you need individual attention during practice, you can wave and be unmuted to ask for clarification or a modification
  • I am trying to emulate our class asana/posture practice: demonstration, working together and then you find your own way with the asana and breath
  • Zoom can be exhausting. It is an intense experience when the subtleties of human communication and interaction are withdrawn. I encourage you to rest your eyes. When you are comfortable with what is being asked, focus beyond/away from the screen and enjoy your practice
  • You can change the view of your screen. Gallery view allows you to see everyone. You can choose just to see the person who is speaking if you would prefer to focus on one person. These views can be changed during the ‘meeting’
  • If possible have the option to change your camera position to accommodate both standing and seated or lying postures

I look forward to seeing you next week. Individual appointments and lessons are available.

There is a weekly reiki share on Wednesday mornings. I am really enjoying these shared hours of connectedness and compassion. I have been meeting individuals for guided meditation too. It’s not the same as meeting in the same room but it’s pretty blimin’ amazing, who knew!: meditation-reiki-online

Happy Easter everyone!

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