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This week has been challenging but also exciting as I’m being forced to be creative to support my client base and yoga students as well as make some sort of living.

Although I’m feeling tired and a bit wobbly I also feel hopeful and appreciated. It is unusual to see so much of my family all together. I’ve also chatted to friends and relatives more. My online work is keeping me grounded and mobile whist keeping the business alive. The thriving will have to wait!

Through the power of Zoom, I have taught yoga every day, last night I met with my Wednesday evening classes, I have led meditation and facilitated a very nourishing reiki share.

So now I need to spread the word more widely. I can support people online, continue doing what I love to do and pay the bills. If you’ve had contact with me this week or before and enjoyed and benefitted from our time, please let others know. If you feel drawn to write a review that would be great. This can be done via my website or Facebook pages. The booking app also has a space for reviews.

Many thanks and gratitudes. Another beautiful day. Off to set up for my first yoga session today

TTFN! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ’š

One Comment on “What’s on offer

  1. Yvonne, you’re an inspiration and you embody the best of what is a challenging, alien and strange set of circumstances. Your posts and comments radiate warmth, generosity of spirit and positivity and for that I, and I’m sure many others, are truly grateful. Thank you for an excellent yoga session last night, even though it feels a little odd working on my own rather than in beautiful Yanley Court with our other lovely class-mates. The great thing about this new on-line way of working is that I can share you with a friend who has moved away but misses her yoga sessions with you terribly, so I will forward on your links in the hope she can be involved once again. Keep up your amazing work Yvonne, and please know that everything you do makes a real difference to our lives..

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