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I hope you’re getting your heads around this new but temporary life we are living. I have seen some of you online for meditation & reiki as well as daily yoga classes. These are being received well and the feedback is great. Thank you. I have to say they are feeding me as much as they are feeding you.

I’ve been busy creating new information on the website. I’ve got lots of ideas and ways we can meet and work together. Please do not feel that we have to be disconnected. It will be different but the only constant in life is change! We do it all the time. Do have a look round the website and see what is possible. There are individual sessions, group classes and ideas for family learning. I have reduced all my prices to encourage regular contact that is sustainable.

For any of you with keen eyes, do let me know if things are misspelt, do not make sense or are not consistent. Here’s a ‘Brief’ summary:

Yoga Online: Lessons are meditative with a simple focus, ending with breath work and reflection/meditation. If there is demand I will increase the number of classes

  • Group: Monday to Friday Daily 30 minute classes (on Zoom) @ £5 per class (or £20 fo 5 classes in one week)
  • Group: 60 minute classes (on Zoom) @ £8 per class
  • Individual 45 minute Lessons (to create your own home practice) @ £20
  • Individual 30 minute Yoga Q&A Lessons (perfect if you’ve found an online practice and need advice or to discuss your current practice) @ £15

Meditation &/or Reiki Online: Meditation is the practice of stillness whilst being engaged. There are different ways to support this practice and one way is to use reiki.  Reiki is a meditation and can be guided by a reiki practitioner with hands-on or at a distance. This may be a new idea to you. I suggest you give it a go and see if it works for you. If you prefer we can focus on shared conversation and a personalised guided meditation

  • Individual 30 minute and 45 minute sessions @ £15/£20
  • Group: Reiki Shares 60 minutes @ £5 per person, Wednesday mornings

Reflexology & Massage Online:

  • Individual: A consultation and lesson on self-help techniques, including working with props, acupressure points and movement

Household Learning Online:
I have been a therapist for over 20 years. In that time I have assisted teaching on reflexology courses and lead Thai massage introductory and professional courses for a well known massage and bodywork school in Clifton. These therapies have been present in my family life and something I share with my parents, my husband and my two boys (from birth to now – 22 and 20 years old). They foster an environment of self care and caring for others. Giving us different ways to share space and support each other. How about an introductory course:

  • Introduction to Reflexology
  • Introduction to Thai massage/bodywork
  • Two hour sessions
  • £50 per household

Let’s meet soon via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook

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  1. Hi Yvonne I’m looking into join one of your zoom Yoga classes, I have got as far as down loading the zoom app – presume it is the Zoom meetings app, not a different one, there are several. You say enter add your email address to contacts – this is were I falter….which email address? I have several for you! Hope you are keeping well. All fine here, I am having my first day at home after working flat out to set things up at school for vulnerable children. Hear from you soon, hope you are out enjoying the sunshine. With love Kathy x

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  2. Dear Yvonne

    Meg and I would like to do your half hour online sessions starting next Monday please, using zoom. Am I right in thinking you e mail an invite to us and we individually click on the link at the appropriate time.?? I have your bank details so I assume we just transfer payment into your account. Am I right in thinking it is £20 for the weeks sessions.

    Thankyou so much……hope all is well with you and yours Annette


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