Embodied Yoga … Online!

Happy Spring Equinox everyone! I have just met my first group online. It was fantastic. So lovely to see people and share laughter and practice. I feel reassured and more grounded.

Following our test run, I have set up five 30 minute classes next week. I am putting the maximum number of spaces at 8 per lesson. We will see if that is too busy or if there is space for more to join. These classes are open to anyone who would like to join in a practice to release the body, free the breath and settle the mind.

Monday23 March9.00 – 9.30 am
Tuesday24 March9.00 – 9.30 am
Wednesday25 March9.00 – 9.30 am
Thursday26 March9.00 – 9.30 am
Friday27 March10.30 – 11.00 am

What do you need to do to join the online classes?

  • ZOOM: Download the free Zoom App to your laptop/tablet or mobile. (There was one person on her mobile today. It was doable but less space meant she could only see one person at a time but it worked.)
  • BOOKING: Book into the class or classes via my online booking page. Any problems, let me know.
  • COST: I suggest £5 per person for each 30 minute class or £20 for 5 classes. You can pay by card via the booking app or by BACs/online banking. We discussed the length of time and agreed that shorter regular classes would work well. Also, the shorter time means less disruption for a contained househould. If longer classes are wanted, I need to consider buying into Zoom which I am happy to do once I know it works for you and for me.
  • JOINING THE CLASS: On the day of the class I will send an email with the code and password. About 10 minutes before we are due to meet, get yourself set up and ‘JOIN’ the meeting. You will enter the waiting room and I will open the doors a few minutes before we are due to meet.
  • YOUR YOGA SPACE: When you set up your space it is useful to be able to angle your screen so I can see you standing and lying down. Arm space is sometimes restricted so your practice may have to be adapted. Do have a look at the volume options on your device. You may find it useful to have an additional speaker so you can hear me. Let other people know what is going on. If there is movement around you, that’s ok for me if it’s ok for you but noise will be heard by the other participants.

WEDNESDAY YOGA UPDATE: I am planning to teach next Wednesday evening’s class in the Loft but we will see what the current advice is. I really enjoyed meeting with those of you who felt it was appropriate to come along this week. If we go ahead with a class in the Loft, I will set up the computer so those who cannot come to the Loft can join us virtually. By then I would hope to have made a decision about paying for Zoom. Today they took the limit off, said they were feeling generous!

FEEDBACK: Let me know your thoughts and get in touch if you want help. We can go through the online service on the phone or via WhatsApp or Facebook video link if you want, assuming you can have your computer/tablet on whilst we talk on the phone.

I hope that’s enough information for now. I will be putting up some more online ideas later today. Apologies if you are feeling over-emailed. It will all settle down.

Take care lovely people, Yvonne x

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  1.  Friday please! Geniusxxx    Can I book the Friday one please? Genius 😀 I’m working to do online music lessons too. xx

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  2. Hi Yvonne got very excited about your new classes online- just signed up for zoom etc – only to find you are already booked up all week sadly! Hope they go well and look forward to trying one when you put up the next dates, Best wishes Kate

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