Getting there

Finally made some progress today! Have set up a Zoom account (similar to Skype). If you are interested in meeting online for yoga, meditation, breathwork and healing sessions that would be great!

If you download Zoom to your phone/laptop/tablet we can connect. Send me a contact request by using the app to send me a contact request.

Tomorrow morning I have a small group testing the app with me. We will be doing a short practice and sharing meditation. I will let you know how that goes.

I have decided there’s a reason the videos didn’t work out. I don’t like them! I want a connection and to be present. If you want polished yoga videos there are plenty available already. It’s not my path.

Keep in touch. I’m already feeling the lack of contact and it hasn’t really got going yet …

6 Comments on “Getting there

  1. I think this is why the government didn’t inflict strict restrictions on us because they know how bad we are at keeping to them as a very social nation that we are.

  2. Thanks Yvonne I will have a go at downloading it good luck with the test x

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  3. What a Flippin brilliant idea. Please count me in!! Wonderful xx

  4. Good morning!

    Just a quick word, I think there’s a limit of 40 minutes for zoom calls involving more than one other person – but you might want to double check that (or perhaps look forward to just a 40 minute class!). I think BlueJeans is longer.


  5. Thank you so much Yvonne. The “test” session on Zoom this morning was so helpful. If anyone is thinking of joining I can thoroughly recommend it!

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