Coronavirus update & support

Good morning, I hope you’ve had a healthy weekend. Following my email last week I wanted to discuss some ideas and get some feedback if you feel drawn to give it:

Me: I am fit and well without symptoms and am continuing to work until I am told otherwise. My governing bodies are repeating the advice from PHE and I am washing hands, wiping surfaces, offering hand gel out, using paper towels, clean couch covers, etc. I have requested that anyone who feels unwell stays at home to rest, even if the symptoms are not related to Covid-19 virus. If you have been abroad then it is probably best to rearrange your appointment to cover yourself and me and the clients who are coming to see me. When you visit Yanley Court, please wash your hands when you come in and as you leave.

Cancellation policy: I ask for 48 hours notice but I do not charge for cancelled appointments due to illness. This leaves me in a bit of a scarey financial position. I have had four people cancel this week. Cancellations are occurring because individuals have have decided to self-isolate due to being in the high risk group or are not sure if they feel well or not. I want everyone to do what is right for them. There is no point in coming for an appointment if it makes you feel vulnerable and I am very grateful that my well being is also being considered. So this is my plan in terms of a cancellation charge:

  • To request 50% of the appointment fee at time of cancellation and then charge 50% of the appointment fee when you come for your next/rearranged appointment. This means I spread my potential income and stay afloat whilst honouring my policy to support people who have to cancel due to illness

This has been received favourably so far. Again, I’m very grateful.

YOGA CLASSES: At this stage, I am planning to teach my Wednesday classes. It may be that I am advised otherwise and will update you as I am updated. As I said last week, please bring your own mats, towels to cover shared equipment and wash your hands on arrival and as you leave the centre. If you feel unwell, please forego the class.

Individual yoga lessons could happen over skype or similar video call services if you would prefer.

REIKI SHARES: There is a reiki share on Friday afternoon. One person has cancelled as they are in the high risk group. I am thinking the share could be different: reikju empowerments, meditation and a healing circle for all. This would avoid close contact but allow us to get together. The shares are a very healing space and that’s what is needed at the moment. Please let me know your thoughts and let’s stay in touch as the week progresses.

SELF-HELP: There are lots of ideas being shared on social media. Long Ashton now has a facebook page for supporting all residents which is a great idea. I’m sure you’ve thought of the following:

  • Research taking supplements. I am not a nutritionalist so am unable to advise. I’m taking a high quality vitamin C supplement and eating plenty of pulses and fruit and veg (while it’s available)
  • I’m keeping up my exercise and movement and going into the garden or walking
  • I’m finding ways to counter anxiety and fear by going online and finding some meditations to do. I’m also finding films and programmes that I enjoy
  • My home yoga practice is invaluable. Go online and look at yoga practices for ideas or get in touch with me for a home practice
  • Find out what your local shops are offering. Our Post Office is offering out of hours services by appointment and home deliveries. Our farm shop is also offering support

If you need to isolate yourself physically but please reach out and stay connected to others. We can always have a chat on the phone or online if you’re wanting some contact.

Any comments about this post / sharing information would be great.

Much love Yvonne

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