Visiting Yanley Court

Good morning!

After a stunning day in LA yesterday, this morning is treating us to icy rain! It certainly has a sting.

As concern increases over the spread of Coronavirus, we want to reassure you that we are taking the necessary measures to keep Yanley Court as clean and safe as possible.

Hand sanitiser is on order and will be at each entrance from the end of this week. In the meantime, there is plenty of hand wash for use in the bathrooms. Please can I encourage you to clean your hands when entering and leaving Yanley. You may not be in one of the high risk groups but many of the therapists have clients who are. It will be supportive and reassuring for those clients to feel that we are doing what we can to make their visit to the centre safe and nurturing.

If you come to classes in the Loft, there will be wipes to clean mats and equipment at the end of each session. Most of you bring your own mats which is great. If you do not have your own, perhaps now is a good time to invest in one? Please bring a towel to place over blocks and bolsters if they are for shared use. If you require water please bring your own water bottle as we are going to restrict the use of our glasses and mugs for the time being. If you carry your own sanitising gel it would be greatly appreciated if you can bring it with you.

I have had some people cancel appointments or not come to class because they are feeling unwell. For me, this is a very positive result and something I hope will continue into the future. If you are unwell, please stay at home and rest. Perhaps we will get rid of the attitude of ‘it’s just a cold’ and allow ourselves to rest up and get properly well. The body is intelligent, it will tell us when we need to stop. We just have to listen.

If you have any comments or concerns, please let me know.

Many thanks, Yvonne

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