A reflective week

I have been having a lovely time with different groups of people and thought I would share what has been going on.

Cakra workshop

Firstly there was an afternoon workshop last Friday discussing cakras and the elements. This side of yoga philosophy is often shrouded in the misconception that it is something new. I really enjoyed exploring the history of this subtle energy body model. We discussed how it can inform our relationship with ourselves, our breath, with others and with the seasons and cycle of life.

Morning Retreat

Then on Sunday I met with a group for the Morning Retreat. This was an opportunity for sangha (community) and to practice together. We enjoyed chanting, asana, pranayama, discussion, meditation and time out. I felt very nourished and connected.

As well as the Wednesday evening classes, I met with a group of people who are living with fatigue. We practiced yoga for an hour with gentle breath focused asana followed by a cup of Ayurvedic tea and chat about how to nourish and support ourselves.

What a wonderful few days of community and practice. Am feeling very grateful – thank you so much! Yvonne x

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