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Morning! It’s been a while since I’ve written about generally everything! Grab a cup of something and read on for different yoga classes, Ayurvedic tea, reiki, a workshop and chair yoga.

Monthly yoga class for people living with fatigue

Wednesday was the first monthly class for people living with fatigue. After an hour of gentle practice we sat with a cup of tea and talked about life with fatigue. The discussion and reflections were light but heartfelt. I enjoyed providing a space to a group who often have to make the effort to be anything other than exhausted which is a real effort in itself. It was interesting to hear how individuals managed fatigue levels and how they so often feel pressure to compromise and pay the price with their own health. On a good day, it is easy to push the boundaries and use up all the energy so there’s nothing left for the following day, maybe the rest of the week. If you or someone you know has fatigue then please have a look at this link to see if the next class is of interest: restorative-yoga-class-living-with-fatigue

Yoga and guided meditation

yantra – svadhisthana / sacral cakra

Also on Wednesday, there was an additional evening yoga class separate from the term classes. A two hour class to practice yoga and be guided through a 30 minute meditation. It had a different feel to the Summer Sessions which also followed this format. The evening was darker and the meditation felt more still – that was my experience, what was yours?

The next class is in December: yoga-with-guided-meditation

The next term starts Wednesday 6 November for 6 weeks: wednesday-yoga

Ayurvedic Teas

Ayurvedic elements and doshas vata, pitta, kapha.Alternative medicine. Indian medicine. Holistic system.

Both of these classes ended with a cup of Ayurvedic tea. I buy these from Essential Ayurveda. I am happy to order teas on one bulk order. Please send me your requests by Tuesday 29 October. The teas we have sampled relate to the three dosas:

  • Vata – calming, grounding and nourishing
  • Pitta – soothing and cooling
  • Kapha – energising and vitalising
  • Sizes 60-75g @ £6.00 (RRP £7.20) or 105g-180g @ £11.00-12.00 (RRP £13.50-£14.90)

Which tea? I use these teas in two ways. My constitution is Kapha/Vata so I tend to be drawn to those two teas in response to my internal environment. I only need soothing and cooling on hot days in response to my external environment (Pitta tea). I was asked whether you should buy the tea that suits your dosa. A fuller answer to this question is a list of questions …

  • When you read the brief descriptions, are you drawn to one in particular – then choose that one
  • When you read the brief descriptions, do you think the different teas would be useful at different times – buy the ones you think would be useful
  • If you know your dominant dosa then you could buy the tea for that dosa but I am always reluctant to be restricted to one thing (that will be my vata tendencies …)

Everyone has different sensitivities. I drink all three teas and find them supportive; in a similar way that I am drawn to ginger when I feel cold, peppermint when I feel sluggish, chocolate when I want comfort!

I hope that is helpful. Please contact me if you want more of a discussion or if you think you might like to explore the dosas through Ayurvedic massage


The next reiki share is Monday, 4 November, 1900 – 2115. If you have attended reiki courses with other teachers, you are more than welcome. You are also welcome if you are curious and are considering a course: reiki-spaces.

I have been asked about teaching Reiki III. I am wondering if this might be something for the Autumn next year. I’m going to let the ideas settle over the Winter and see what sprouts up.

Elemental Healing Workshop – Friday 15 November

My second workshop of the year to discuss cakras and elements. This is something that is brought into reiki but is not specific to it and for some people is not part of reiki at all. We will spend the afternoon talking about cakras and how they relate to the directions and elements, times of the year and parts of the body: elemental-healing

Sitting Fit Yoga

During one of my walks round Long Ashton, I met Nina Boswell-Brown. It’s been a while since we had an opportunity to talk. It was great to hear about her work for people with mobility issues, both wheelchair users and those with chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia. Nina has been teaching yoga to people with mobility disabilities for three years, having completed a Chair Yoga Teacher Training programme. She is a wheelchair user herself so understands the need for gentle progressions and modifications of poses.

Nina offers classes in Long Ashton, Backwell and Bristol. You do not need to have yoga experience to attend a class. For more information visit Nina’s website: and you can download her class schedule:

Down time

I am on leave next week (28 October – 1 November). I am looking forward to resting my hands, my voice, spending time outdoors and catching up with friends.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

Yvonne x

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  1. Hi Yvonne,
    Just saw your note and wanted to say hi. Hope all’s good with you?

    I do miss your yoga classes and your calming outlook on life. Sadly I haven’t been able to find a yoga class which I like on the days I don’t work, still looking and in the meantime do my home practice as and when, but it’s not the same.

    Have a relaxing week off.
    Jackie xx

  2. Dear Yvonne

    Thank you so much for the lovely yoga/guided meditation on Wednesday evening. I enjoyed it thoroughly and it left me tired but peaceful.

    As I read through your email and got to the teas I was drawn to Vata and Kapha and would like to try the 60-75g versions of those two please. Let me know how you would like me to pay.

    Kate x

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