Ayurvedic Massage News

Since April I have been offering Ayurvedic massage – Marmabhyanga – and it’s really popular. This makes me very happy! I have changed the offering as I am being asked for ninety minute appointments. The Ayurvedic approach really benefits from time; acupressure points can take time to respond to touch. The longer the appointment the deeper the effect however not everyone has the resources for a two appointment so here is my suggestion:

  • Two hours @ £88.00
  • 90 minutes @ £68.00
  • One hour @ £48.00

The longer the appointment the more time can be spent working through the whole body. The shorter the appointment the more focused we need to be. We can decide at the start of our time, what focus will be most beneficial for you. Do read the page for more information about this wonderfully healing and nourishing approach to bodywork: ayurvedic-massage/

Seated Indian Head Massage was part of my training – shirobhyanga. I do not actually enjoy receiving a seated massage, I much prefer to receive on the couch … I much prefer to practice it on the couch too! I am happy to discuss this at your appointment. I know some people love this in the chair!

Any questions, please ask! Let me know if you would like an appointment too: contact Yvonne

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