Finger counting

This term we are revisiting the relationship of sthira and sukha. Sthira brings strength, focus and structure to our practice whilst sukha offers flexibility, comfort and exploration.

We need both. Too much sthira and we are restricted. Too much sukha and we lack direction or presence.

During pranayama we are using a finger counting technique. This is new to some of you. The graphic shows the spiral pattern used to count twelve breaths. Or you can start with the first finger and work from the base of each finger to the top. One method is from northern India (the spiral I believe), the other from the south. Counting brings focus (sthira) to the mind but the fingers allow some relaxation (sukha) around the counting practice.

I hope that during class and in the discussions after practice, I am enabling you to find this relationship in all aspects of your practice: asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practice) and dhyana (meditation).

Thank you for being open to the practices. Working with the metronome, ratios and counting the breath is new to some of you. The focus in class is deeper. In fact, it’s taken me by surprise. The room has a quality of stillness during each of the classes. The more we practice on the mat, the more likely we are to take the experience off the mat and into our lives. In our busy lives with messages coming from all directions, it is easy to lose focus, direction and become disatisfied. Yoga is more relevant and important to everyone.

See you next week! Yvonne

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