Elemental Workshop

Next Friday I am runnng the first of three workshops. There are many ideas around Reiki that are an additional practice to it.  I have been lucky to spend time with generous hearted teachers and friends to explore aspects of these.  The visualisations strengthen my connection to the seasons and the passage of time. 

You do not have to be a healer or therapist to come to the workshop. If you see me for bodywork or yoga, you may find some of the ideas interesting, perhaps even useful. Or maybe you are just curious!

We will be talking about how different traditions and nature-based practices use the elements for illustrating that we are very much a part of the Earth and Universe we inhabit. All life is element-based, we are not separate to it.

I will not be giving a unified theory of elemental practice. Instead, I will introduce ideas that I have learned or experienced in order to promote a conversation. When you start talking to others about these ideas, you hear some extraordinary stories of insight. We are all living to make sense of our internal and external world. An awareness of the elements is just another lens to look through – but for me a really important one.

  • When: Friday 3 May, 1330 – 1645
  • Where: Yvonne’s room!
  • Cost: £15.00
  • What to bring but not essential: something to write with if you like making notes, warm socks if you like to keep your feet wrapped up
  • Provided: a comfy space, tea/coffee – please let me know if you have any allergies/food intolerances
  • To book: contact

Hope you have a restful weekend, Yvonne x

One comment

  • Hello Yvonne thanks for letting me know about this it does look really interesting. Unfortunately I am working on Fridays. Do let me know if you run any future sessions,Best wishes Kate