Yoga Classes and stuff …

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patanjaliA reminder that yoga begins next Wednesday for 6 weeks: Yanley Yoga Spaces.

We had a false start to Friday’s Early Bird Yoga this week.  It looks like numbers will be good for next Friday morning (0730-0830).  Deadline for booking-in is midday Thursday 7 November (minimum of 4 early birders).  I will confirm the class on Thursday afternoon: Friday Early Bird Yoga.  Numbers allowing, this class will continue until the end of November, returning Feb/March next year.

I’m exploring some ideas around yoga, practice and bodywork.  This is a mixture of personal study and attending lectures and study groups.  I am hoping to write a weekly blog about what’s been happening and how some of my experience, research and studies might be useful to you.

For those of you who missed the blog, the Morning Retreats return next year.  The February date has had to change due to me attending a course.  Details can be found here: Morning Retreats

I think that’s it for now.  Any questions, send me an email: Contact