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WP_20150624_12_27_48_ProHalf way through August and not sure if there isn’t an autumnal light creeping in, in the mornings?  Apologies to those of you who love a summer, am feeling excited about autumn mists!

In terms of ideas for work and practice, I am exploring the diaphragm and breathing patterns.  I have been using myself as a case study and have started introducing some techniques and ideas to clients.  As well as being useful for clients with a respiratory condition, I’m finding it supportive, even transformative, when working with clients who have ME or Post Viral Fatigue.  As this develops I will share some of my ideas and experiences.  This work coincided with two workshops at the yoga conference in July.  David Wilkinson is a yoga teacher and anatomy and physiology teacher with some great practices to embody A&P knowledge; his workshops focused on the psoas and the diaphragm.  He also alluded to working with students with PTSD.  It’s really interesting work and something I am starting to bring to my individual yoga teaching and therapy work.  I have signed up to David’s A&P course, via Sadhana Mala.

I also found myself inspired to volunteer for the AYS (Associated Yoga Studies) committee.  I loved being part of a community at conference and felt moved to support the work of the association and the committee.

Another part of my work that I am pondering on is that of retreat spaces.  I am rethinking my retreat mornings, days and residentials.  I feel very strongly that a retreat should not be contained in the perfect place away from home once a year.  I feel a retreat is a place to explore practise and find ways to bring it into life off the mat.  So I’m thinking.  And while I’m thinking all retreats are resting …

Finally, just a few dates to highlight:

This month:

  • Tonight: reiki share 1900-2100
  • Wednesday yoga sessions continue but are fully booked
  • Friday early bird sessions are available.  Much excitement for me last week as eight people made their way to their mats!


  • I am on leave for the first 2 weeks of September, visiting the Isles of Scilly avec husband to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary.
  • New yoga classes start Wednesday 19 September and Friday 21 September for 5 weeks: Yoga Classes


That’s it for now!  Hope to see you soon for individual therapies or yoga practice.  In the meantime, any questions or points for discussion, please get in touch

Yvonne x


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