Reiki Ideas

reiki-hands-temples_0I’ve been reading Taggart King’s writings about reiki.  They were first introduced to me 10 plus years ago and for someone reason I was resistant to looking at them.  Maybe I was just full up with stuff and couldn’t take anymore information?  A friend offered them last year, still resistant.  Then the same friend offered them a couple of weeks ago, and I can’t put them down.

I’m half way through teaching a Reiki II course (Developing your Reiki practice) and have really enjoyed introducing some of the ideas.  We’ve been focusing on the mindful practices that are Reiki and its principles or precepts, building on Reiki I (Introduction to Reiki (reiki I)) and grounding the experience of self-healing and working with others.

If you are interested in the courses or reiki shares, let me know.  They are open to anyone who wants to explore this simple and grounding practice.  If you have already attended a Reiki course (not necessarily with me) perhaps you would like to come to a Reiki day?


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