Holidays & signposts

I am now on holiday until midday Monday 4 June!

If you need information about yoga classes and courses, please send an email.  If your question is about the next yoga term I will aim to reply in plenty of time.  There are spaces in all classes: Yoga at Yanley

Please do look at Guide for 2018 to see upcoming dates, particularly for reiki shares and days.  The booking system can be used to book yourself in.

The Yoga on Dartmoor retreat still has spaces available.  Let me know if you would like to join us.  I have decided to make this a biannual event.  If you decide this year is not for you, the next retreat will be Autumn 2020.

Also, I have decided to stop offering Early Bird Prices however, all prices are at the Early Bird rates!  It was far too confusing for my little brain.  I am asking for payment to be made at the time of booking.  This will require us to communicate how you would like to pay.  All relevant pages should have a contact form for you to use to start this process.

The June diary is busy.  I hope you are able to find an appointment time that suits you on the booking system but let me know if you are having difficulty, postponements do happen.

The GDPR bandwagon

No doubt you’ve received many emails about the new data protection rules.  I had no idea I was on so many mailing lists.  If you’re receiving these blogs from me, you have decided to follow the blog and requested emails to come to you.  If you want to unsubscribe at any time, please use the link at the bottom of the blog.

The frequency and content of emails varies.  I am trying to move away from purely throwing dates at you as these can all be found via the menu: Guide for 2018.  There are links on this page to take you to the relevant information.  It has been liberating having the blog in terms of administration.  I hope it is working for you too.  Please feel free to give me feedback about this.

Other databases I use are for my booking page.  This list is for my use only and in some circumstances you have provided information when you have booked an appointment.  I am now deleting client details who have not booked on the system in the last 6 months and will continue with this housekeeping on a monthly basis.  I also have an email list for contacting you directly, this is usually prompted by information around appointments and/or classes concerns you personally.  My mobile phone also holds this information.  Both my laptop and mobile are only accessed by me.

My paper files for one to one appointments are kept in a locked filing cabinet.  Clients who are not currently seeing me are kept in an archive space.  I am legally required to keep client notes for up to seven years.  After this time, if we are no longer in a therapeutic relationship, your notes will be shredded.

I believe that covers everything.  If you have any concerns or would likkicking_up_my_heelse to discuss the data I have for you, please contact me.

That’s it for now.  I’m off to play for the week.

Best wishes Yvonne