Early Bird Yoga had six people this morning!  I think I was the creakiest of them all … It was a lovely way to end the week and kick-start Friday.  During the week we read about Mullah Nasrin being advised to learn to love dandelions.  I have learned to love dandelions but someone did suggest it was time to get into the garden.  It seems the world agrees …

world wide naked gardeneing

(circulating on facebook)

There are a few things coming up in the next 3 months: yoga classes continue  with a break at the end of May.  There’s also a morning retreat in July.

There are reiki shares in June and July, an introduction to reiki (reiki I) in a couple of weeks time, developing your reiki practice (reiki II) in June and a reiki day in July.

Dates and links are provided below.  Let me know if you need anything else:




Hope you have a happy bank holiday.  There’s a rumour it will be a dry one.

Yvonne x