About Morning Retreats

Morning retreats at Yanley are a space to retreat for a morning!  I have had a few questions asked about the mornings and thought it might be helpful for me to answer them here:

Do I have to be experienced?:

No.  A desire to connect with the breath and stillness is more important than you’re ability to perform physical postures.  The mornings are a space to practice and reflect.  Some experience can be useful but I am there to teach you and everyone who wants to practice yoga has to begin somewhere.  With the time we have, we can discuss postures and their variations and modifications.

I couldn’t do yoga for over 3 hours … how long do you practice for?

The whole morning is yoga but not just the physical asana (postures).  As people arrive tea/coffee is available.  We then move into the Loft where I will introduce the theme of the morning and we will practice for about 90 minutes ending in a brief reflection.  When you are ready, you can join me downstairs for coffee and time to chat with new and old friends.

We will return to the Loft to talk about  ideas connected to yoga, personal practice and the time of year.  How much you speak is up to you.  It isn’t obligatory.  A shorter asana practice leads us into pranayama (breathing practice) and quiet meditation.

There is space to discuss particular postures and ideas that you bring with you or that arise from practice.  This is an informal sangha (community) where you have time to share practice, silence and space.

Do I have to chant?

There may be some chanting but it is not mandatory.  You can sit and listen if you would prefer.  If there is chanting it will be in sanscrit and relate to the yoga sutras or upanisads.  I am not trained to teach chanting and offer it as an experience and something to share.

There will be translations available.  I do not intend the chants to challenge individual spiritual or religious beliefs.  I would never want anyone to practice something they are uncomfortable with and it is useful to hear if something I consider as a-religious is not perceived that way to someone else.

For me, it’s a wonderful practice to bring a group together and lift the energy.

What do I need to bring?

If you have a mat and block that would be useful but I can lend these to you if you are unsure about making an investment.  Comfortable clothes and warm socks, a light wrap/blanket for the quiet moments of the morning.  I will hand out brief notes and if you just want to listen and practice for the morning that’s great.  If you’re someone who likes to write ideas down, bring paper and pen too.

Chairs and beanbags are available for meditation if you find sitting on the floor uncomfortable.  Some people like to bring their own meditation stool/cushion.

I hope that’s helpful.  Let me know if you want more information or want to organise your space on the next morning: Morning Retreats at Yanley

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