Weather and dates

i-love-snow-especially-through-a-window-while-i-am-under-24512766I hope you’re keeping warm in the East wind.  So far, Long Ashton is snowless but if that changes I will let you know in case access is difficult to Yanley Court.  I travel on foot so should be available for appointments and classes as usual.

The exception: if we do get the forecast snow on Thursday I will cancel Friday’s early bird yoga.  Travel early Friday will probably not be advisable.

I have returned the blog/website to it’s former glory.  Some people didn’t get my message that yoga was cancelled last week.  If you are looking for a list of dates, please click on the ‘Guide for 2018’ link, top centre of whichever page you are on.

I wanted to highlight a few dates coming up; there have been some changes due to additional courses starting: