Yoga next term

imbolc-snowdropsThank you for a very grounding and meditative yoga term.  I hope the ideas about winter, earthing and finding your root support (muladhara) informed your practice. The next term starts Wednesday 21 February.  Full details can be found via this link: Yoga at Yanley

February sees the beginning of Spring, bringing our focus to the chest and heart centre to create space for inspiration and compassion.

Please let me know if you are not returning to yoga next term (it would be very useful to know before the start of term).  Thank you!

If you go to the home page there are diary dates for the year.  This includes links for yoga terms, morning retreats and the residential retreat in September.

I hope this new format makes it easy to find out information.  At the top of the page are quick links to the most popular pages.

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